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Hello folks,
Blog, blog, blog... you might have seen this in a lot writing yet have not taken out time to really know what it means. I can only tell you that it is a means to express yourself.
I write this to actually show people how to make money while expressing yourself. Just follow my lead. There is a product from the desk of google called AdSense. It is a means by which promote different website through yours. Well you get paid for it. Now let's go over how to tap into this.
The first step in making money from Adsense is to have a website or blog loaded with articles. This is because deals with those people who own a website or a blog. Once you've gotten any these then visit and click on the 'Click Here to Apply' button. You will be presented with an enrolment form where you need to fill in some details like your website information. Under website information, it asks for your primary Uniform Resource Locator, URL. If you have your own website, list it here. If you are using a blog, the URL goes here, the Google adsense products that you wish to use (i.e Adsense for content or Adsense for Search).

Adsense for Content means you will have adverts targeted to the content on your web pages. For instance, if you write about Health And Drugs, you will health and drugs ads on your pages. To maximize your Google Adsense earnings, you need to have both. you will also be required to select an account type (business/individual) for your adsense Account and agree to the various policies, terms and conditionso the Google Adsense programme. The account type will not affect your revenue in any way, rather it is there to determine if the payment is to be made in the name of a company or an individual.

The email address and the password that you provide during the enrolment will be required by you for logging into your account later on. After that, it just the regular contact information and you are ready. you will receive an email in 2 or 3 days letting you know if your application is approved.
It takes this long because Google screens all websites, before they get accepted into the Google Adsense Programme. This is to ensure that your website complies with Google's adsense term. Adsense screening procedure consist of two steps:
Step 1: a Google robot "bot" screens all new applications. it checks the content of your site and the number of pages within your site and a few other important factors to Google.
Step 2: if the "bot" gives an initial "ok" for your site. it is then quickly reviewed by a Google employee, that finally decide if your website can be accepted into the program.

However, in case your website wasn't initially accepted into the program, do not despair! You will be notified by Google Adsense team that your was not accepted, including one or more reasons. At this stage, you should closely watch the reason stated and make the necessary changes to your website and then reply the email and ask for a re-evaluation. Evaluation of your application usually takes from minutes and up to 48 hours.

Once you are done with setting up your Google Adsense account and Google has approved your application. You are ready to use Google adsense for earning money form your website or blog. Just login into your account using email and password, click 'adsense setup' in the top menu and select the product type (i.e 'Adsense for Content' or 'Adsense for Search') You will be presented with various options for customization of your Adsense ads. Here we will take a look at settin up "Adsense for Content" only

The first thing that you need to choose is tha ad type (Ad unit or link unit). Based on the ads type you choose, you will need to specify the type of ad (text, images etc for Ad unit) or number of links per link unit too. Google adsense program allows you to use a maximum of three Ad units and link unit per web page (and you must use both, in order to maximize your revenue)

The next thing is to choose the ad layout. There are various layouts available but large rectangle (336x280) and wide skyscrapper (160x600) are preferred over others (since they help get more impressions for you and hence you make more money).

Customizing the colors of the various parts of your Adsense Ads is the next thing you need to do. Even though customizing colors is optional ( as far as the Google adsense is concerned), it's strongly recommend for making your ads attractive and more effective. Your choice of colors must be governed by the look and feel of your website so that the ad doesn't look out of place.

When you are through with all this, you just copy the codes and paste it into the HTML of your site. When someone visit your site, the code fetches ads fetches ads from Google server and place them on the site. When someone clicks on any of the ads he or she will be taken to the advertisers site. Google charges the advertiser for the click and pay you.

That's money for you. All you will then need to do is to keep writing articles. Just say thanks will you?
Keep visiting and help me inform your friends about this blog, and I will keeping writing. Thank you.

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